When You Know Love Is Finally Here To Last

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I don’t know much about gardening. My grandmother had hopes I’d Martha Stewart myself into a domestic dream, but I didn’t. I can barely cook and DIY crafts truly freak me out. I’m not exactly Susie Homemaker, ah, but I digress, gardening: I’ve at least got the basics.

Planting is simple: it starts with a seed. A small something that, when properly tended, can grow and blossom into something much larger. Something much more beautiful. Maybe it’s a lilac bush outside of a quaint cottage. Or bursting red tomatoes growing along a vine. A massive outstretched tree, reaching with arms to touch each corner of the universe. They all start the same way. A seed.

And I think it’s the same thing with love. Platonic, romantic, inner. Love begins in a small dose. It’s not this dramatic overture, violins and trumpets announcing the arrival of love. It doesn’t sprout…

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Things I miss that I would never admit to anyone but myself

1. The moment I told you I liked soggy fries and you started picking out all the soggy ones for me since then.

2. How you’d always seem to know when something was amiss with me, even from the way I was looking at things

3. Talking to you was always my favorite time of day, no matter how late it was

4. Long, aimless walks and long bus rides. They were the best, weren’t they?

5. Catching the sight of you from far away in school and hearing my heart skip a beat, no matter how many times I saw you that day.