Sitting at the NLB in Bugis and felt like I should just talk about this inner peace I’ve having hahaha I love time I get to myself so much I can’t even begin to describe it :’) Also, noted that the inadequacy I’ve been feeling recently has been coupled with a slow and steady drive to improve myself. Compared to the usual self-pity I have, this feels comfortingly different. Just submitted an application to MSF that I’ve been mulling over for about a week now? Hopefully I’ll get it, because I really can’t wait to learn more, out of school, out of my knowledge capacity.

Need to learn 5 new songs by tomorrow and I’m honestly screwed but just gonna fake it till I make it hahahah ok that obviously doesn’t work for acapella though -_- I am so screwed hahahahahaha hopefully the 2 hours after I get home tonight will cut it. This CNY + recess week has been so chill and I can’t say I hate it because I’m actually enjoying studying for Psych hehehe

Just a reminder to myself that ED SHEERAN IN 2 WEEKS?!?!? I can’t contain my ovaries. (lol why do people even say this ah??) hahahaha pretty much going to faint after I hear him live. Now if only I could hear Sam Smith…

+ Have been wanting to head back to church but I really don’t know what’s stopping me. Had a talk about it with J after Thai class one day and he just earnestly told to stop making excuses for myself. Thankful for friends who speak truth into my life, because that’s really all I need when I use self-deceit to make myself feel better sometimes. ‘No time’ has been the lousiest and most shameful excuse that I’ve been using all this while.. sigh

(Finally!! A post I would call decent, what with all the vague/ sad 3 liners I’ve been posting these past few months)


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