“never a guarantee, especially when you have the rest of the world to contend with”

I haven’t written in so long but today is one of the days that I’m feeling blessed that I have people I love, something to fight for, something to work towards and always always, family to fall back on. I should record more happy moments in words, shouldn’t I? :) 


Dear God, 

I miss when everything used to be black or white, now everything is in indistinguishable shades of grey. I never knew that I would come to a day when I would need to literally choose to make a decision with the angel on my right shoulder and the devil on my left. And either way, I’m going to get hurt, people are going to get hurt. 





Soooo needed this weekend to get myself into the school mood, and to spend more time with the family :) 

AHHHH I don’t want school to start officially :'( 

I can only say that life is so unexpected and I literally don’t even know what’s around the corner

And that our actions have more impact that we think

But still, I’m glad to have constants in my life who still love and care for me ☺️