I just.. don’t feel like studying anymore :( filled up my May calendar and I’m feeling so excited I’m about to explodeeeeeeee. 

Also, how liberating it feels to not have to factor one person into all my plans, like I used to. :) It really got exhausting after a while, and I’m so glad I’m out of it. And like what I told R the other day, I always felt like I was on the verge of losing something, afraid of doing something wrong and nope that isn’t a good feeling and I’d never wanna go back there again. 

Noticed that I love filling up my calendar with plans with people I care about, really need to fill myself in on their lives I feel like I’ve been missing out so much :( #1 goal for summer – to actually do/ learn what I said I’d do. 

I can’t finish studying….. Kill me nowowowowow

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