‘It’ll get better in time’ is probably the worst advice you can give to someone, but also the truest one yet. Kinda makes me think that maybe what you say to a person who needs comfort shouldn’t be the truth – it should be something that just makes them feel better at that point in time. Everyone has different truths, and it’s most meaningful when we find out ourselves, right? When I told people of the breakup, all everyone could say to me eventually was ‘you need time’ and ‘everything will be fine in time’ which is of course, 100% accurate now that I’m where I am now, but the last thing I wanted to hear when it just happened. Not blaming my loving and wonderful friends of course, I think I’m guilty of this myself. 

Spending this past week with only a few people (and spent mostly studying anyway) unlike the usual massive amount of people I have to interact with, and it’s really teaching me a lot about my priorities and what I want for myself. Sometimes all you need is to take a step back and evaluate everything in your life. Taught me quite a bit about myself too. 

Realized that it took me long enough to finally see that we’re much too separated by distance and time for anything to be the same again. Literally leading lives that are so different now. Not that I’m jaded or anything but I think all it takes to feel better is just some acceptance. I finally see the truth of it all, little by little. What happened was probably never meant to last, just a little detour both of us took. Doesn’t mean we can’t move on with the wide and open path that’s waiting for us. Maybe both of us are going in completely different directions, but it doesn’t change the fact that we once grew up together, and I’m grateful for that. I’m actually okay with growing apart now. I just hope that both of us are happy and fulfilled at the end of the day, you’re my friend till the end :)

Have been sporadically thinking about it these few days and it helps so much (better than ignoring it totally and finding out that I still haven’t gotten over it, even after so long) Happy to say that I’m slowly rediscovering myself too, and feeing free to be anything I want to be. I’m the only person in my way now. 

First time I actually feel like a 20 year old – and this is just the beginning of what they call the most trying decade of a person’s life. 


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  1. can i just say that I’ve learnt not only about you through your words but i’m discovering sides to myself and life too :)

    you’re such an inspirational writer please never stop doing what you’re so good at doing <3

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