Studying psych and it’s giving me so many new insights on life hahaha. This concept is under the topic of social psych: 

Mere exposure – regular exposure to neutral/ positive stimuli generally leads to increased liking.

Hmmmm, so that must mean ‘out of sight, out of mind’ too?? If you spend less time with someone, does it mean that you’ll be less attracted to them? And I guess when they say feelings can be developed over time it wasn’t without basis, huh.  

Psych is soooo interesting I could study this all day but I actually have other modules, boo. 

Also realized today that I have a ‘fear of missing out’ thing going on lol. After being in hall for a year and constantly being involved in so many activities, I’m kind of used to being kept busy and always being surrounded by people. I guess this is where I have to step out of my comfort zone and leave the safe nest I’ve built for myself there. They had the SHaca final treat today, and I gave it a miss because I wanted to spend more time studying at home.. The usual me would probably have asked my dad to send me to hall but I guess I know better now.. My grades are really important especially when it’s less than a week to finals. Gave Elaine’s 21st a miss last week too because I didn’t want to waste time. Sometimes I think decisions like this kind of show that I’ve ‘grown up’ and know that I need to prioritize. But I still didn’t feel good about missing the SHaca treat today, sigh. It seemed like they had so much fun.. while I was stuck studying at home. No pain no gain right? Hopefully I’ll get to enjoy the fruits of my labour. 

Back to the books now, before bedtime in a while. :) 


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