Before I dive into the books again, just wanted to say that for the first time since December, I’m actually glad at how things worked out. :’) Looking at things in retrospect isn’t that bad after all, once you get the clearer picture. I deserve so much more and I should never ever settle for anything less. For the first time I actually profoundly feel that I might be over T and I just feel like singing out loud hahahah. Prayers are so so so important, I’ve come to realize. And things will always work out for the good of those who love Him. 

No time to elaborate much but thank God for today! Had a really heartwarming and tummy filling dinner with Mom, Dad, my 2 aunts and my cousin. Everyone’s so happy that Mama’s back!! And I got my appetite back, fatss here I come~ Service today was good too, hopefully I get to serve in the worship team someday :) Happy Easter to all my loved ones, God loves all of you <3 


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