3rd January 2014

Today was a happy happy day!! Hehe at least I thought it was.

Woke up early for soccer practice this morning, which consisted of only FIVE PEOPLE, LOL. Didn’t even do much, did dribbling, monkey, attack-defense (which I sucked at) omg srsly my coordination is so bad I can’t even. LOL and Kellie kept scoring through me sigh. Thank goodness I’m not a defender in IHG. Ran 6 rounds on the field and I lagged behind by so much omg, think I was one round behind?! Warmed down and talked to the girls + elffred for a while before heading home.

Realised that I’m appreciating alone time more now, and I’m glad because I get to focus on me and being me! Hehe. Settled some bidding stuff on the train and STRUGGLED with the login and password, zz hate cors seriously. But I’m really thankful for this group of friends that I made – XT Sofina and Tricia!! Haha they really help me so much when I’m confused with bidding. In a sea of sharks, they’re my life buoys!! :’) placed my bids today, closed bidding is on Monday so I’m just gonna monitor till then!

Lazed around and watch We The Millers when I got home while eating subway. Bathed and received a call from Amanda to ask if I was free!! Haha was supposed to have dinner with mom at home but decided to meet them instead while mom stayed in the restaurant to complete her work. Spontaneous much?? Love these girls hehe and I love being around them they just make me a happier person.


Shared about what we had to update each other about, these girls are really good listeners I’m so thankful for them!!! :) realised that the more I talk about it, the more I’m okay with it. Being friends with him and understanding that we won’t work out. Amanda’s life and my life really TOO SUMILAR. Haha.

Went home and skyped ruowei and told her about it too!!! Whee. Caught up with her a little. Her life is so hapzzz gosh hope that I can make the best out of my uni life too. :)



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