2nd January 2014

Today, I had lunch with my parents on the way to school. We ate near Buona vista, I think it was the ghim moh food centre. Had some duck noodles which were less than satisfactory.

Today I had a VC meeting in school with Li Min, Cherynn and Qian Ying. We discussed about the CNY lunch for the elderly on the 25th of January, and I’m glad to say that I wasn’t as quiet as I thought I would be!! Am trying to be more vocal nowadays.. With my thoughts and ideas. And learn to get shot down by people as well, which is something I’ve never experienced. Maybe this should be one of my new year’s resolutions :) we managed to work out the games and programme flow for the day! Can’t wait to see it happen.

Today, I didn’t cry about Terence. I thought about it several times of course, but no tears came to my eyes like the thoughts in the past few days brought. And though I felt a tinge of sadness when I saw the grad day pics, I kind if felt happy seeing the juniors altogether too. I have to admit though, I felt another tinge when I saw the Polaroid if Cherynn and Gerald behind her phone. But I quickly snapped back to reality and reminded myself why it didn’t work out. And forcing us to be something we can’t be will only end up in more tears. We haven’t been talking, and even though I resented it at first I’m beginning to understand how this is in Weilin’s words ‘a way of protecting me’, a way of helping me get over him asap. And hopefully, I will stay strong even after I see him in Saturday. God be with me.

God helped me experience more joy today. I felt it, when I was on bus 30 and spontaneously decided to read my book at bedok mall Starbucks. And I didn’t feel sad when I listened to love songs. I looked forward to an afternoon by myself, I felt good about my hair. HAHA so superficial but still. Thankful for the progress I’ve made :)

Also thankful for my friends who keep asking how I feel everyday, especially Weilin and Amanda who never fail to think about me everyday. I’m so blessed really. And my parents who help me the most, being there for me always to ensure I don’t think too much. Family is always the most important :’)

Have soccer tomorrow so I shall turn in. Almost forgot to write today haha, may this become a habit!!! Goodnight :-)


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