Felt like doing a picture post so here goes!! What I’ve been up to in the month of October, besides studying for midterms! :)


Level 6 outing on the night before Hari Raya – CL & BB drove us out to Swee Choon for supper!! The car ride was super fun at first but our hair started to fly all over the place and we gave up after a while we just let it be HAHA. Fun fun night & stayed up talking to Amanda all night that night hehe luv that girl


The night before GLC!! The night the seniors bought supper for us and we managed to squeeze 26 heads into a #selfie ahahhahaa. Really didn’t know what to expect when I joined Chorale, and despite all the strict practices and choreo, I rly did enjoy the time spent with these people 😊


GLC gifts from Marilyn for all the Level 6 girls!! Supportive neighbours even made a board and waved it while shouting during the performance LOL.


Chloe hehe so thankful for her & that she was in my group for Cups!! Was a little ~meh~ at first cos I didn’t rly know anyone in SHaca when I first joined, but she made practices a whole lot more comfortable and hilarious hahaha ‘OPPPPA’

Super thankful for Jo my GLC partner too, made acting a lot easier and less awkward since he was so friendly and easy-going haha hopefully I wasn’t too much of a burden.. Thanks for agreeing that the script is way too cheesy too and for rolling your eyes at the same things HAHA


Cups group and the SHaca freshies :) Love our group so much! Bo Jun for being our #1 fan and always guiding us in the right direction. Learnt a lot about performing from him too, how he really gets into the music and enjoys it while he’s beatboxing hahaa. Oh the girls attempted to learn to beatbox but I couldn’t get past the throat thing haha #fail. Jiayi for always lightening up the mood during practices and being such a qtpie! Douglas for always missing his entrance which always has a hilarious effect, Shaun for being super blur too haha and for finally singing louder at the final performance omg rly needed that. Xu Zhen for being secretly hilarious LOL all the funny warmups and Korean fangirling with Chloe 😂 Am really fortunate to be able to sing with this talented group of freshies too :) Looking forward to Amplitude and SHout with them!!


When our level IC came up to buy supper for us the insane girls started celebrating and taking pictures LOL too stressed already srsly….


Night cycling with Alvin & Detail 4!! Awesome night cycling partner who made the whole experience really fun haha especially when we tried singing while paddling omg most tiring thing ever. AND racing with Bank and Binbin!! Quite terrifying how fast we went but it was rly funny how we would always yell at each other when we passed them HAHAHA. Sorry I kinda gave up towards the end and just started being the radio lollll. Cycled from NUS to Labrador Park to River Valley for supper!


Somewhere in River Valley, we had Boon Tong Kee chicken rice + Froyo hehe. Cycled to the flyer next where we had more food (brownies, nacho cheese etc) & played with sparklers!! Was elated because I really wanted to play with them since MAF hehe. / Our racing buddies who provided much entertainment because they kept arguing HAHA.. Binbin tried riding in front and they almost crashed omggg


Performed the Maluku Dance as part of our Bahasa Indo project!! Was rly hard to pick up at first but we finally did it at the end!! Great experience with my classmates, love how we’re not only learning the language but also about their culture ^^


From when we went to support Viv at the Jazz Band performance! Super proud of her omg ^_^ Took a video of her singing but I don’t have a photo though :(


Super sweet GLC partner who came up to pass me this at 4am while I was chionging my social work assignment and he was chionging his archi essay! Grateful that there are so many nice people around :’) / FINALLY submitted our assignments good lord. Love my wednesday lunch social work buddies, rly enjoy their company~


Helping to prepare the food in the kitchen for Chorale treat with the Block B babes ^^


The final product wheeee looks good but tasted better 😛 On the menu: Mac and Cheese, roast chicken, sausages, salad, banana walnut cake, mushroom soup, bread and butter pudding, and watermelon slices!

Photo on 10-29-13 at 1.43 AM #3

Since I didn’t celebrate Halloween this year…. Here’s some gross faces from me and my neighbours.

For now, hello November, re-balancing my life and working hard for the finals!

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