All I want is nothing more

Was just thinking about how the best advice is made up of the simplest of words, threaded together with good intentions. Sometimes we just think in ways so complicated that we mess ourselves up when the answer can be so simple and to the point. Have always liked talking to people who ask me direct questions and give me something to think about. Keeping a balance between thinking too much and not thinking at all, and right now it’s the latter because I’ve been so (maybe too?) contented and maybe too focused on studying for finals so time would pass more quickly and before I know it, it’ll be Saturday heh.

Tonight is a Kodaline night~ calming myself down for the paper tomorrow :)





Will always be thankful that people choose to see the good in me, especially on days that I think terrible things about myself.

Am reminded of this quote which I once shared with someone so dear to me:
“Those who love you are not fooled by mistakes you have made or dark images you hold about yourself. They remember your beauty when you feel ugly; your wholeness when you are broken; your innocence when you feel guilty; and your purpose when you are confused.”
― Alan Cohen

Positivity attracts positivity :)

‘ve been spending my week in hall, cherishing the precious times with my neighbors (during meals and break times, otherwise we’re just furiously mugging in our rooms lol sigh), especially Amanda, who won’t be in hall next sem, and who has been nothing short of kind and supportive since I’ve been here. Funny how I used to think that it was impossible to make good friends in university because I’d always wanna go back to my group of close friends, but a few people I’ve met in Sheares really really prove otherwise. There is always room in your heart for more love. Used to think that ‘hall life’ is not something that I would enjoy, and true enough I rly felt tired out in the first two weeks or so. But I guess.. you make your own experiences and what I’ve been experiencing since then is nothing like what I expected at all :) I’m not close to a lot of people here, but I’m keeping the few that I trust close to my heart at all times. Besides, I never believed you could form relationships with so many people in such a short time. Welfare packs aplenty these few days, nothing beats coming back to a sweet note on your table with a bag of food, or stressing out in your room only to realise there was a little surprise hanging on your door knob the whole time.

Ok enough blabbering post-dinner break time’s over!!

Countdown: 2 days (!!!), 6 days (#dread) and 11 days :) :) It’s November 19th already where does the time go?!?!




  • Don’t really know what I’m doing ugh just like that the weekend is gone again.. Not ready for finals at all hate it when I let myself get in the way 
  • Feels like my brain is gonna implode but strangely enough I feel like shopping for books. Wanna get Essays In Love and Love & Misadventure and Freedom From Fear and reread some old books and continue ignoring the ones I haven’t read
  • Felt like taking a break just now so I went to load Spirited Away and The Little Mermaid LOL but after 5 mins into the first movie I felt too guilty and decided to get back to work but ended up here instead :'(
  • Now I feel like going grocery shopping
  • Regret is always the worst possible consequence I can do thissss
  • Ok Gandhi and the non cooperation movement here I come 



1. 10 more days omg ☺️ feels like I’ve been waiting for the longest time ever and it’s finally coming!!

2. Bahasa oral rest today went alright I guess.. Seriously believe that my oral partner is god sent because he’s just soooo helpful and reassuring omg advised me on psych stuff too. Hope we both score well!!

3. Not much lessons this week.. Ironically getting into the holiday mood when I’m obviously supposed to be gearing up for the finals.. Lol

4. LOVE the smell of my room/ new sheets hahahaha

5. My Monday was a calming blue today, feeling so serene and zen even though I wasted most of my time playing the quizup app HAHA ok shall have an early night

Appreciating the positivity in my life these days. Surrounded by love and support everyday, what else can I ask for, really.

Of course there are times when I feel down, feel like a horrible person, get frustrated easily. When I feel weak. But God never fails to put a smile of my face at the end of the day, through the blessings that I’ve been given :’)

Undeserving but always hopeful, always loved and always capable of giving away some love too :) because everyone needs a little care and concern.

Feeling like I should be more stressed about my academics though, finals in 15 days saywhutttt


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