Five loaves and two fishes

Refuse to concentrate on your weaknesses except in an effort to turn them into strengths. 

The first step to improvement is to admit that I don’t know anything and then ask for help. I’m serious about doing well. Which means I am also unbelievably stressed and giving up more than I would like to. But thank you, to the people who look at my unglamorous, hair-pushed-back and breakouts-all-over-the-place look every day (looking like a trainwreck these days) and shower me with love and support in the form of food, studying together, teaching me about things I am completely clueless about. 

Had my first exam since A’s today lulz.. EL1101E midterms! I’m just glad that I studied with Joshua ytd because I would’ve done a lot worse if I didn’t make use of those 3 hours!! Phew thank God. & idk why I’m getting so uptight over a tutorial tomorrow (not midterms yet, not till 2 weeks later) probably because I really know nothing about it and I’ve never felt stupider in my life. But Li Shing the angel came over to help me after seeing how stressed I was. And I just found out she has midterms on Thursday, but she still helped me even though mine wasn’t an urgent matter.. Grateful to say the least.

Have not been meeting up with friends & keeping in contact with my overseas friends as much as I would like to.. but I’d like to think that a little sacrifice will go a long way and it’ll be worth it. Hmm ok time to sleep! Started journalling again recently listing all the things that I am grateful for everyday, and trust me it’s a really therapeutic thing to do before bedtime :) 


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