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What keeps me going in the midst of all these crazy schedules and deadlines :) #BLESSED hahhahaaa


Am a strange mix of emotions today, must be the lack of sleep. Enjoyed myself last night with the Beekers though, ended the night off with a talk with Amanda (or morning, rather, we didn’t even realise it was 6am), someone whom I trust so so much even though I’ve known her for such a short time.. Feels so good finding family away from family :’) Never really expected hall life to be like this, am just really thankful for everyone who’ve shown me support in any way they can even though I think I give off an unfriendly vibe to most people

Pinned that quote up on my board in an attempt to get me disciplined, hopefully it helps, finally gonna have my seven hoes of sleep tonight omg what a luxury

Weekend ramblings

‘I act and react, and suddenly I wonder, ‘Where is the girl that I was last year? Two years ago? What would she think of me now?'” – Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged Journals

Have got lots to talk about but nowhere to start from. Can’t believe it’s been exactly a year since I graduated, and only 48 days left till the end of my first semester?! Soo much has changed around me and within me, will find time to put them all down in the form of a post here someday I guess. The girl I was a year ago would never have expected me to be where I am now. Not in terms of the school and faculty I ended up going to, but the other things. The smaller, less obvious things that are somehow so much more significant in my life. There are things that used to bother me that I couldn’t care less about now, and things that I didn’t give a second thought to that I think about too often nowadays.. Priorities have changed, goals have changed, most things have, actually. Refreshing change that I’ve learnt to embrace. :)

Looking forward to the next 2 weeks, yet somewhat dreading it at the same time (midterms and nerves abt performing) but as someone once told me, the key is to enjoy what you do, and everything else will come naturally.

P.S. Downloaded this awesome app called Self Control for Mac HAHA but I forgot to block wordpress which is why I’m here. K BYE

‘Don’t look for someone who will solve all your problems. Look for someone who won’t let you face them alone.’

At the end of the day, all I want is to know that I did my best. That I gave all I could. Thankful, and done enough for the day I believe. 

Goodnight, 8 hours of sleep here I come :)

I’d very much like to say

‘Can’t wait for this tough week to be over so I can enjoy my weekends’

Because as tough as this feels, there is more to come in the weeks ahead.. 

Soci midterms + SN project meeting + soccer practices + chorale practices + SHaca rehearsals + vetting 
+ SN project presentation + SN midterms + Bahasa Indo test + Good Luck Concert + Bahasa Indo project + SW portfolio + EL project + night cycling + sign language classes all in the next 3 weeks yay!!!!!!!

No stress crying or weaklings allowed, only the strength and faith that is within me. :) 



Slowly but surely
Hope I get the concepts right
Stressed on a Monday 

My haiku for the day HAHAHAA. But seriously… Planned my schedule for the next few weeks and I feel so stifled this is not good. DEC JUST HURRY UP ALREADY………..

& Soci midterms, pls go easy on me :(

Five loaves and two fishes

Refuse to concentrate on your weaknesses except in an effort to turn them into strengths. 

The first step to improvement is to admit that I don’t know anything and then ask for help. I’m serious about doing well. Which means I am also unbelievably stressed and giving up more than I would like to. But thank you, to the people who look at my unglamorous, hair-pushed-back and breakouts-all-over-the-place look every day (looking like a trainwreck these days) and shower me with love and support in the form of food, studying together, teaching me about things I am completely clueless about. 

Had my first exam since A’s today lulz.. EL1101E midterms! I’m just glad that I studied with Joshua ytd because I would’ve done a lot worse if I didn’t make use of those 3 hours!! Phew thank God. & idk why I’m getting so uptight over a tutorial tomorrow (not midterms yet, not till 2 weeks later) probably because I really know nothing about it and I’ve never felt stupider in my life. But Li Shing the angel came over to help me after seeing how stressed I was. And I just found out she has midterms on Thursday, but she still helped me even though mine wasn’t an urgent matter.. Grateful to say the least.

Have not been meeting up with friends & keeping in contact with my overseas friends as much as I would like to.. but I’d like to think that a little sacrifice will go a long way and it’ll be worth it. Hmm ok time to sleep! Started journalling again recently listing all the things that I am grateful for everyday, and trust me it’s a really therapeutic thing to do before bedtime :)