Heyho my blog is two years old!! Hahaha wordpress sent me this happy anniversary thing how cute.

So… getting a little anxious knowing how little time I have to study this week, but I would gladly block out days to make time for the people who are dear to me. It’ll just take a little more discipline on my part, something which I really need to instill in myself anyway. EL midterms next week eeeks first ‘exam’ since A Levels & I rly wanna do my best. Studying in hall after welcome treat later, fingers crossed that it’ll be productive!!

Initially came here cos I had time to spare before heading out but ooops look at the time now BYE

(edit) Just had our SHaca welcome treat haha loving this cca already + I got reunited with Chloe hoho so glad that we’re in the same pfm group for GLC!! Plus found out that we’re going caroling in December too omg dream come trueeeee. Ok must not get carried away, balance is everything now back to studying 😊


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