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What we do at 4am in the morning on a Friday morning HAHA luvv them ^_^

Not sure if it has to do with the fact that there are no lessons next week, but I’m generally in a much better mood now that Week 6 is over :) Was so elated that I finally completed my sociology assignment (though it wasn’t v well done) that I went to Amanda’s room to announce it (LOL yes sorry I felt the need to do so) and we ended up talking till 4+ so we decided to crash there even though both our beds were just next door hahahaha. AND I actually managed to get up in time for my 9am lesson!! And napped for 4 hours in the afternoon #nocturnal

Driving on the road and in the circuit after close to 2 months of hiatus was nerve-wrecking to say the least, but THANK GOD I had nice instructors and I wasn’t thaaat sleepy even though I had morning lessons. Can’t wait to get my license haha be careful Singapore, road hazard coming your way

Mid terms starting in 2 weeks and it’ll be finals soon after.. hard to believe that half the semester is already over?!?!? Soon it’ll be December my fav month ever, and Christmas my fav holiday on earth. But I’d better make full use of my time as a freshie in Sem 1, will definitely miss being a ‘junior’ once I get older..

Loving how laidback my Sunday has been so far, updating to ios7 and then.. it’s more readings with my afternoon tea hehe

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