‘You can have whatever you are willing to struggle for.’

Not even halfway through the week and I’m already trying so hard to keep up with everything. Balance balance balance is everything!! Glad that I got into the CCAs I wanted, but now it’s a matter of managing my time well because I really want to do well this sem.. Shaca chorale touch rug soccer VC here we go~

For once I’m not looking forward to the weekend because sometimes I feel it breaks my momentum. When I’m in hall and in NUS I’ll get used to a certain kind of lifestyle, and just when I think I’m getting used to it the weekend will arrive and I’m back to my post-As/ pre-uni life and absolutely no work gets done, just plenty of daydreaming and thinking which is mostly counter-productive.

Back to soci assignment!! Learning rly relevant and interesting things can’t help but feel fortunate. But um, assignments are still assignments and when things pile up it gets overwhelming and just.. no. Shall aim to sleep at 1 today especially after my 4am bedtime yesterday.

Have a great week ahead everybaaaddyyy ^-^


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