Unproductive Sunday

Attempted to do some work on a lazy Sunday but ended up accomplishing nothing haha oh dearrrr. Throat is recovering but still not fully well and there is a box of famous amos cookies right in front of me now my growling tummy is screaming in protest for this deprivation of yummy snacks all because of my audition tomorrow :( Tons of things to do during e-learning week so I had better get down to bizznezz 

Anyway, Sundays are good days because I get to spend time with the family!! :) But someone PLEASE tell me how to make my brother stop playing/ singing that weird fox song…. PLEASEEE I can hear it from across the hall and it’s getting stuck in my head….. 

Random thought how God really loves me so much, because for all my inadequacies as a person, He blesses me with someone in my life to make up for the difference. Had a good talk with Vivienne yesterday over dinner, and how pleasant it is to have constants in my life amidst all that is changing around me. Even though both of us quarrel/ argue the most haha it somehow made us closer and 6 years later, we’re still sharing everything with each other like we did in Y1/2 after band practices at the bus interchange over some tomyum cup noodles. And of course I’m thankful for all my other dear friends who always take time to listen to my petty grievances that bother me unnecessarily at times, and give me sound advice – you guys know who you are! Ok and even though siblings can be annoying… they are there for a reason haha my bro just sacrificed his precious sleeping time (he has school at 8 tmr) to listen to me sing and give me feedback :”) Blessed beyond measure. 

Shall attempt to NOT sleep in tomorrow.. so many things to do my gosh srsly. :( K bye 


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