Already brushing off the dust

^ Replay forever and ever

Ahhh how long has it been since I’ve relaxed at home like this. Didn’t realise how much I needed this and don’t think I would’ve gotten a chance to if not for my cough + cramps today.. Also, thank God for my parents who fetch me back home every Friday, feeling so blessed :)

Drained by the sheer amount of activity and human interaction in hall (LOL I sound like some recluse srsly) but am still really thankful for my neighbors! The girl who stays next door to me really is a gem, am so glad I got to meet her. Aaaand we have so many things in common it’s really ridiculous HAHA. Some days I just don’t feel like talking to anyone but they still understand :’) Was supposed to read my South Asian notes ytd but ended up talking to Cherynn and Amanda and recorded a crazy version of the cup song with our mugs that we use when we brush our teeth ahahhaha. Slept so late I couldn’t focus in lecture today though.. how on earth do some people do it?! I wish I could :(

Gaining so much more than just academic knowledge in uni.. really not going to be an easy journey but God grant me the strength to soldier on no matter how lousy I feel about myself sometimes because (pardon the cliche but) ‘a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor’. With every setback I face I learn something new about myself and about.. dealing with life and people in general haha. 10 more weeks of school & 12 weeks to the finals! C’monnn I can do this

Dear 88 and IKEA buddy left last week & another goodbye is in order tomorrow.. Really happy for my friends who’re gonna pursue their dreams but no goodbye is ever easy :'( Oh welll will try to look on the bright side of things, at least we’ll still be meeting up when they get back and/or when we fly over (ha haa I can only hope and wish with all my heart)

Shall start work after my shower!! I want a determination that will last me for the next 12 weeks at least. Let’s gooooooooo


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