Comfort is when you can no longer hold up on your own, and find that your closest friends and family were always there, ready to give you the support you needed. My tendency to keep everything to myself will probably always be there, but there are some days it gets too much to handle and letting it out will definitely help, one way or another. 

Went for cheer trials today which was really terrifying yet fun at the same time. Am not the strongest person but I guess my size and weight is an advantage. Have heard scary stories and incidents about injuries during cheer though, plus my fear of heights could easily be identified by the seniors hahaha. Did shoulder stand, elevator, etc etc and was a little reluctant to do it but decided to give it a try anyway. Here’s to trying new things & putting myself out of my comfort zone.. I guess

There’s this weird insect flying around in my room, that’s what you get for opening your windows to let some fresh air in -_- 

Sleep has always been so important to me but it is NO ONE’S priority apparently.. lollll ok shall aim to sleep by 3 (in 10 mins eeks)

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