The sea only drowns its lovers

‘I’m afraid of
a lot of things,
but mostly,
most sincerely,
I am afraid of
being completely
unraveled by you,
and you finding nothing
you want in here.’

I may be thinking too much, or just being too emotional, but there’s something about tonight that sends my mind down spirals of never-ending questions that have no answers.

It’s scary when you find out how important something or someone is to you, because with it comes the feeling of vulnerability you know you can never fully control. But I’m learning things I never knew about myself, maturing along the way and God knows I’m thankful everyday no matter what happens.

So.. heavy hearted but anticipating a deep sleep tonight after attempting to complete my tutorials.

May the coming week be filled with pleasant surprises because honestly, I’m not expecting much. Living for the weekends, as I have always been

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