‘There are no limits to what you can accomplish when you are supposed to be doing something else.’

… Now that school has started, this quote is more relevant than ever, and I’m more compelled to write here to distract myself from ‘work’ haha I forsee myself posting a lot more from now on

It’s not like I don’t like what I’m studying, it’s just the fact that I have to sit @ one place and focus on one thing for so long that puts me off. Look what I’ve done to myself after the 8 month long holiday

Was really worried about university & hall life, but after the first two weeks I can safely say that I like it :) I’m studying things that I actually care about and am interested in, and I’m thinking of doing a double major in psychology & social work ahhh pretty excited but I need to work so much harder omg. Loving the fact that I can control my own time as much as possible now, even though more time to myself = more discipline required

As for hall life, the unfamiliar has become the familiar and it feels more and more like home there. Got to meet so many new friends there and different kinds of people.. shan’t elaborate more but I’m really thankful for my neighbour & the girls from my level. Everyone is really helpful and friendly too, I could really get used to this heh. Met really inspiring people who manage to juggle like 10 things at a time, talented people who can do everything I can’t, people with great interpersonal skills, people with kind & genuine hearts, etc etc. Am still trying to get to know them better :)

Thankful for old friends who make the effort to meet up & catch up; having faith in the rest who are busier that they’ll eventually make the time. And God pls give me the strength not to take anyone for granted in the midst of chasing after what I want

Guess I was really worried for nothing.. shall remain hopeful for the rest of this semester!! Believing that everything happens for a reason and that all the disappointments I faced in the last few months are not without purpose

P.S. Was supposed to study today but I got nothing done.. oh dear will head out tomorrow for sure this will not be a repeat of Year 6 ~_~


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