‘So when you realise you’ve gone a few weeks and haven’t felt that awful struggle of your childish self – struggling to lift itself out of its inadequacy and incompetence – you’ll know you’ve gone some weeks without meeting new challenge, and without growing, and that you’ve gone some weeks towards losing touch with yourself’

Notes to self:
1. Discomfort brings growth
2. Stop worrying more than you should
3. Give all you can
4. Learn to have fun in everything you do



Living life more than I make an effort to record it down on any platform nowadays. Find it tiring trying to phrase something appropriate for social media haha. At least this space is more private. Will always wish I had the discipline to write & the flair for writing but never really doing anything about it, hehhh

Life has been good & the people around me have been better :) Waking up everyday with so much to be thankful for, please let it stay this way for a loooong time to come

Have never really been adept at handling many things at once & I get stressed really easily so.. something I need to work on for the next chapter of my life – need to get organised quickly

This post is random & weird but I like it, and I need to sleep now

Goodnight all who read this space, have a good day :) 


Toooooo much has changed recently & I’m finding myself still trying to catch up with everything that’s been happening. I need to be less resistant to change, and more accepting of how it can make me a stronger person.

Nothing a good night’s sleep can’t cure I suppose :)

Switzerland Part I

THERE IS A CASTLE ON A CLOUD~ I LIKE TO GO THERE IN MY SLEEP~ Pretty view that greeted us on our way into the country!! There were a lot of glacier falls which I failed to capture on camera because I was pretty amazed + I wanted to enjoy the view & not look at it through the camera lens heh.

Our first stop in Switzerland was the Chillon Castle, just beside Lake Geneva and omgosh the lake was so beautifulllll. The castle was rly medival and a little creepy haha we had an audio tour inside but I wasn’t rly paying attention because I was too busy admiring the pretty flowers & lake!
With mummy & such a shame that construction works that are required to maintain the beauty of the attraction is usually what ruins photos :(
Colourful tulips, just looking at the plants and flowers made my day better already
I swear the dogs there have silkier & nicer fur HAHA all of them just look so well groomed, well fed & prettyyyy
View of Lake Geneva from inside the castle!! IF ONLY this could be what I open my room windows to every morning.. A girl can dream
Photobombed by a random boy but I rly love the colours in the photo!! :)

Spotted a small stall where we could send postcards out!! We had to assemble in like.. 5 mins so I could only send one.. :( First time sending a postcard from overseas though, interesting experience~
We were already running late but there’s always time for a quick snapshot ;)
Another pretty dog, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels seem to be quite popular among Europeans haha saw some in Italy too!! My old dog was this breed too :’/
Retreated back to our hotel for the day, stayed at Novotel in Lausanne! My favourite hotel of the entire trip I think.. Their breakfast was daebak & their dinner was fantastic too.. and their wifi (what everyone looks for the minute we step in to any hotel lolll) is fast & available everywhere woooo
………….He seriously looks like my younger brother, no wonder people in my tour group all asked who was older </3
Checked in and went to walk around because it was still relatively early & switzerland is such a safe place haha. Fell in love with all the private houses in the area, the decor of the exterior of the house all look so well thought-out and deliberate.. didn’t take photos though felt like it would be an invasion of privacy haha. Saw more flowers along the streets and took photos with them instead.. They make me happy~

End of Day 1, gonna head out for dinner with my family now & hopefully will be able to post Part 2 later, which will be filled with snow hohoho merry xmas

1) I preferred it when things were simpler

2) I was happier before yesterday