‘But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.’ Galatians 5:22-23

Was eating my dinner at home and realised how blessed I am to be able to have home cooked food waiting for me at the end of a long day. And that I’m able to stay w my grandma and spend more time with her since it’s the holidays. That I’m able to talk to my family about anything I want & they’d be willing to listen.

God loves me through simple ways, but I felt the love more strongly than ever today :)

Went back to school today but didn’t get to talk to and see Ms Chen & Mrs Chia :'( Played capt’s ball & a v failed game of touch rug LOL. Felt good to order Oreo Hei from the drinks stall uncle HAHA don’t rly miss school food though.. Everytime I return to school it feels like I never really left, which is a good thing I guess? The only obvious difference is that I don’t see familiar faces in the crowds at school anymore.. Oh well, had a good time w some of the 4L girls :)

Feeling ridiculously contented and happy tonight, I hope this feeling stays 😊




^ One of the dandelions I found on a highway stop in Italy, and I knew I had to take a picture like that. Love it :)

Am learning to let the positivity in, am so sick of myself being sad over the same things. So I decided to get over myself and move on. Lol sounds so easy but it really wasn’t. Conversations with the people that matter helped though.

Just wanna say that being around the 4L girls make me so happy & I genuinely don’t think about anything upsetting when I’m with them hahaha love love being around them. Hadmuch-needed meet ups with v impt people in my life since I got back too! Love how I feel so refreshed every single time I talk to my best friend banana, like I can just unload anything and everything in my life to her :’) Also had a v lovely day last week I could just smile to myself thinking about it. Such perfect days only happen once in a while though haha

The rest of the holidays will NOT be spent slacking and just plain degenerating (I swear I feel like I’m becoming a lesser human being not even kidding) but for SELF-IMPROVEMENT. LOL I sound rly lame I know ok but I even drew up a plan for it…… All the things that I planned to do while working at R&D are going to be PUT INTO ACTION. I like how I’m putting random words in caps to make it sound more convincing or sth hahaha.  I want to be honest without being curt, confident without being arrogant, caring without being intrusive, friendly without being superficial, much much much much closer to God, A LOT less lazy, involve myself in the world out there, learn new things everyday etcetc. & I won’t just sit around wishing things would just magically happen anymore. 

Realised how the blogs I like to read are just plain depressing. Why am I attracted to all things sad? No wonder I’ve been feeling so dreary of late. I’m going to bring my own sunshine wherever I go and spread it like butter or foie gras to everyone I luvvvv

Going to set up a tumblr just for my pictures and probably doing the europe post there because I have SO MANY PICTURES andeverything just keeps crashing on me. Just reread this post and I sound so perky my god HAHA okay I send my love to the few souls who actually read this space even after I said I would stop posting <3

Joy – Iron and Wine

Deep inside the heart of this troubled man,
There’s an itty bitty boy tugging hard at your hand.
Born bitter as a lemon but you must understand that you’ve been bringing me joy.
And I’ll only lie when you don’t want the truth.

I’m only frightened ’cause you finally gave me something to lose.
And it’s as loud as a thunderclap but you hear it too.
But you’ve been bringing me joy.

Deep inside the heart of this crazy mess,
I’m only calm when I get lost within your wilderness.
Born crooked as a creek, didn’t come to contest that you’ve been bringing me joy.
When I’m alive I’m living for you,
When I’m a bluebird dying, but their singing the blues,
And it’s a heartfelt silly sort of bumbling tune about how you’re bringing me joy.

Learnt how to torrent (at long last) & have been listening to a lot of Iron & Wine :’)

‘I’ll bow out of place, to save you some space’

(Manhattan – Sara Bareilles)

Gosh her lyrics always always tug at my heartstrings. :’)

At close to 3 in the morning, I finally feel kind of at peace with myself.

Wish I could type out the entire thought process here but sleep beckons. And thinking too much can be rather draining, on top of a very physically intense day I’ve had hahaha. Have been watching way too many YouTube videos once I got home… Finally caught up on all the wfw I missed & other vlogs and stuff. Looking at my schedule for July and August and thinking how I should really cherish the remaining holidays I have left.

Typing nonsense and I might drop my phone on my face soon. Goodnight

“I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.” – Mary Anne Radmacher Hershey

  • Last night before I fell asleep (at approximately 4am) I could feel myself dreaming – or rather picturing a very lovely afternoon/ evening with a book and a bicycle, all by myself. It looked like a park in London. Help? 
  • Incessant prayers aren’t enough if your heart isn’t pointing in the right direction. I was wrong to shift the centre of my life to something other than God’s grace and goodness, and I’m still working on it, I’ll get there
  • Without school, I have the concentration/ attention span of a squirrel, or worse. Never got past the first page of the BTT book & went for the etrial today. Glad I went because it gave me the urgency to focus. Unfortunately you only get one shot at most things in life. 
  • Have come to realise that explaining how I feel is like explaining a joke – it takes the magic away and it’s just.. pointless. If you don’t get it or worse, choose to ignore it, I can’t do much can I? Tired of guessing & wishing
  • Secretly wish I was bald so I needn’t worry about dry hair – I love the waters so much & swimming > any form of exercise any day
  • Currently pissed off at myself for being an IT idiot, have been trying to install photoshop for the longest time ever. Europe post isn’t coming anytime soon with 3000+ photos to vet through and edit

As with everything, this just needs some getting used to.

‘Bittersweet seasons, mistake a warm winter for spring

Seems like I’m best at leaving, when leaving is not the best thing’

Sara Bareilles ☺