Face the clouds to see the silver lining

What a day.

Everything is finally over & I guess I can accept my results and march ahead now. Cried for a good 2 hours & I think my eyes have never felt so tired in a looong time. Turns out it took less than a day to get myself back together once I let everything out. Healing takes time but the love from the people around you does help speed up the process :)

Rly feel like I don’t deserve such wonderful friends and family – you guys know who you are <3 Even though I’m not entirely satisfied with my results I now know that I have to try with every little bit of ability and strength I have left. Thank you from the bottom of my heart: for those who didn’t know what to say and for those who knew the exact right words – the hugs and ‘thank you’s are never going to be enough to show my appreciation. My family has just been the sweetest and most supportive being with me from the very beginning till the end of my journey. Sobbed so hard just now when I was finally alone and ‘Innocent’ came on shuffle on my iPod but my parents offered kind comforting words as usual & knew I needed the alone time. Of course my lovely juniors for the graduation gift & support ^^

All in all thank God because He sees me through every high & low I experience.  Because He loves me so much I know that I’ll never run out on hope, faith and love for as long as I live. I will praise You in the storm & trust in the plans You have for me :)

Going to rest my tired eyes, tomorrow is a new day for me to face with brand new optimism & hope


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