Really sucks when I can’t even write about what I’m feeling… I need to get it out of my system but my head’s a mess so here I am lying in bed sleepless & frustrated :( so confused & troubling that I shall distract myself by posting here!!

CNY has been great though, definitely one of the best I’ve had since Mama passed away. Love the warmth I feel when spending time with relatives from my mum’s side. Feel so blessed being born into this hugeeee family. Have been eating cny goodies non-stop and I’m breaking out already omg plus all the late nights… Hopefully getting back to work will adjust my body clock and make me a healthier person

I miss school or rather the convenience it brings for me to see all my friends. I miss everyone & it’s so hard to meet up nowadays :'( Guess we all have to grow up but that doesn’t mean we forgo time for our loved ones and stop sharing our lives right? Sigh. Ok maybe it’s just that I’ve been spending so much time with family recently that I feel a bit distant from everyone else. Glad that I’m meeting the bridesmaids tmr hehe can’t wait!

Stopped journaling for a while and I can’t seem to start again lollll so I’m gonna start posting here I guess. I’M SO INDECISIVE ok crap it’s 12 I have work tomorrow so not a morning person bye

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