Finally in the mood for typing something on wordpress so here goes nothing –

1. Making an effort to write 5 things that I’m thankful for in my planner on a daily basis! Used to do this often but somehow got too bitter about studying for As that the habit got lost along the way. This will be pretty useful whenever I have one of those bad days – to remind me that there’s always a good day ahead to look forward to filled with things to be thankful for :’)

2. Respect for my brother just multiplied tenfold after the family talk we had the other day, and sometimes it’s really hard to believe how childish we used to be, how much I wanted him out of my life. Funny how life can turn out and how drastic changes in life can be.. At the end of the day family always has your back, love them to the moon and back <3

3. Really inspired by some of my friends, am really going to try to do something meaningful with the long break I have! It's already January & soon it's gonna be CNY and then it'll be March when our results will be out.. Working at the restaurant these past two weeks has been quite an experience though, even though I have to admit I'm not enjoying it very much…. Hmm how do I put this? I don't hate what I'm doing but I don't particularly like it either. Greatest takeaway from this is probably understanding and appreciating my dad more, but still.. Guess f&b's really not my thing haha. In the words of my dear ada: 'It has never been more apparent to me that we have to do something we love.' Really uncanny how similar our situations are hahaha, hope we'll make the most out of this :-)

4. Always trying to better understand people/ things, but then again if I knew everything about someone, faith and trust would be pretty much worthless, wouldn't they? I'm always asking questions to things that don't really have an answer or things that I can never find an answer to.. If only if only I could read minds. But then again, no I don't really want to. Hahaha what am I saying?! Ok it's 130 and I have a full day of work ahead of me tomorrow. Just thought I'd give this space a proper update. Cannot wait for the weekend because I get to see my fav 2G people, catch up with dear friends, meet the crazy squad, return to church again. Turning nineteen next week (oh god) and I have absolutely no plans why am I so boring?!?!!! Someone fly me off to Europe pls :)


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