So leave that click in my head

Just realised that I sound like I hate band & people in my last post hahahaha nuances have been lost in my exhausted stateĀ it was just a really tiring week after coming back from Cambodia and the introverted me desperately needed alone time. Still luv all my band peeps & friends k

Going to reread my posts from this year & journal my night away with a hot cup of tea. (& new music in my iPod thanks to Mr Kpop Star)
Not ready to say goodbye to 2012 just yet, gotta do some writing before the year ends

Accepting the fact that band will never bring me the same joy as it did years ago

Drained from interacting with people and all I really need is a cold bed & a good night’s rest

Missing Cambodia tonight


Off to embrace unfamiliarity amd discomfort, appreciating the simpler things in life & hopefully return with a new perspective

Back on the 25th, will miss everyone :'(

We too young and heads too strong

If there’s anything that made me feel like an adult recently, it wouldn’t be dressing up for prom with the makeup & dresses & heels, or the freedom that comes with graduation, but the fact that my parents were willing to share their burden with us and to trust that we would be sensible enough to understand.

Praying, hoping & praying.

‘I may have faith to make mountains fall, but if I lack love then I am nothing at all’

1. Why is it that we are not motivated to write when happy things happen to us, but are most compelled to write when we feel disturbed, upset and angry?

2. Can’t even begin to describe the love for my family, must always rmb that family comes first :)

3. Sighhhhh pretty upset abt some things, so much to say but the only person I really wanna pour it out to has no time for me now :/

4. I hate how preparing for prom is sucking all my energy away from the things that are truly important in my life, and how I’m letting my concern over how I look overwhelm me ~_~

5. Flaws I see in others seem to be just a reflection of what I can’t stand in myself.

P.S. when I can’t think of a way to link my points I number them

Desperately need some time for myself.

Dad’s being extra sweet to mum with the bouquet of roses and the mushy fb post hahaha already persuaded my mum to show me the rest of their love letters. Happy anniversary to the best parents I could ever ask for
‘So never settle for anything less’

And.. Can’t quite put a finger on it but.. something’s changed. I see things/ people differently, I feel differently. Post-As life has been good to me, but there is always a but