Call it anything but love

Yay –
Got into OCIP Cambodia!! First meeting this week, can’t wait to see what we can do hehe
Blessed with encouraging teachers that really make my day and render help in whatever way they can :’) esp Ms Fang!
Seeing improvement in some subjects, albeit verrry sloooow improvements
Self-proclaimed break just for today (before I go all hardcore again tmr………)
Goal for the month of August about no cabbing has been extremely successful
Taylor fund just keeps increasing everyday!!!

Nay –
Lit is impossible. Quite demoralised after the paper today
Missing Christmas for the first time this year
Undisciplined mind that tends to stray off elsewhere whenever it is needed to be present
Eyebags are now my permament sixth facial feature.

Hahaha lists are a lazy person’s best friend

P.S. It’s nice when someone remembers something about you that even you forgot about :)


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