Locked myself in my room without my bb, guitar & iPod and I was ridiculously productive hahaha one of the rare times my self-discipline puts itself to good use. Half an hour break time now before I get back to more History!!

Sigh. This frustration stems not from my unwillingness to verbalize my thoughts, but the inability to find the appropriate words to do so. It really does appear that trying to make someone understand something from my point of view is becoming increasingly difficult, and I’m starting to think that I shouldn’t keep trying. I guess my expectations were a tad too high, huh. Or are you just not listening to me? Lol you know what, I give up, I’m really at my wits’ end. I can’t fight this anymore & I’m tired from all this. If you’re feeling disappointed, remember that you disappoint too.

Funny how everyone in class wrote on the card that I’m bubbly and cheerful, and how I don’t see myself that way at all….. I honestly think that I’m rather unfriendly and cold to people I’m not that close to but apparently I don’t seem that way lol is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Getting used to the fatigue & the workload, but the thought of it being over in 2 months spurs me on. Ok break’s over :'( hope all my lovely friends find something to be thankful about today.


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