Tell you I set you apart

I am so thankful for some people in my life & it’s times like this when I really realise how blessed I really am. Have the best best friend ever whom I just spent the day with & for that alone I’m just so thankful. (Hi racklass if you’re reading this HAHAHAHA) Read her letter today and I almost teared while smiling like an idiot hahaha this girl is just too sweet.

So grateful to the people who are willing to love me despite my imperfections & insecurities, people who are willing to be there for me when I fall. I’m just so sorry that I looked past all that while drowning in my own selfish misery. And I kinda realised.. I didn’t have to do what I did. I should really just learn to draw the boundaries. But I guess I really needed this time away to clear my head anyway. Another thing that I learnt is that you can absolutely never be content if you only care about yourself and your needs. Time to experience the joy of giving!!

Gosh my mum is telling me to watch You’re Beautiful with her when my prelims are in two weeks. LOL srsly. + My nephew just called he got into SOTA hehe his dream school I’m so happy for him :-)

My thoughts are so disconnected haha okay time to DITSS my Lit texts


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