“For a moment there, I saw an ounce of promise in you. But you weren’t strong enough to follow up on that. I just hope, for your sake that you one day find it again, that you manage to brush away the rubble in your head and find a way to love, and be loved. It’s something you’ve been without for far too long.”

I want to befriend a writer who can fill up the spaces between my words, to fill up the spaces in my head and my heart. (Wanted to say marry but hahahaha no)

In other newsss. Attempted to complete my ‘project’ and failed miserably ended up throwing the whole piece of paper away, guess I have to start from scratch again. Was getting way too distracted anyway. I need to lock my guitar up in a deep dark corner, just like how I need to lock this feeling up until my head can be clear. So what if I know? Would that change anything? Because I kinda like how things are right now. So it’s pretty much pointless to find out right? ‘Don’t ask questions you don’t want to know the answer to.’ Guess that’s that then.

Happy Birthday Singapore!! Don’t really count myself as a patriotic person but Singapore is lovable in its own way. After all this place has given me so much to love and cherish, and has kept me and my loved ones safe thus far. So, thank you Singapore! For the much appreciated holiday as well because we all need a break once in a while. Managed to do some math & lit today, feeling quite accomplished hehe. Now, time to leave the house for some family time, fondue & fireworks. Can hardly wait : )

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