You by the light is the greatest find

IN A WORLD FULL OF WRONG YOU’RE THE THING THAT’S RIGHT~~~~~~~~ Could finally sing without coughing today, what liberation!!

My mood has been fluctuating quite a lot recently, it can go from ‘omg why am I here want to sleep schl sucks life is cruel’ to outbursts of random laughter to just being at peace to being weird around friends to being annoyed at everything to being grateful for the teachers and their dedication to utter nonchalance. But as you all might already know I’m not one to display feelings that outwardly so at least I still have it under control. Term 3 has been a heck of a term so far, and we’re only halfway into it. So much more to endure but I know I’m not alone,  it really does get very trying but we just have to suck it up and face reality. I’m actually quite immune to encouragement nowadays (not saying it’s a bad thing, pls encourage me lololol #shameless) but I’d rather have people being harsh on me and telling me that there’s no more time to waste anymore. I cut myself too much slack sometimes, huge lack of discipline on my part as always.

Had a very good talk with Weilin before GP tuition on Monday, sometimes I really don’t know what I’d do without her :’) Wish more people would see her for the kind and sweet girl that she really is, instead of just seeing her for her quiet appearance. Talked to Sherly on the phone till 3am on Saturday night & I’m just so grateful for her, always so genuine in helping others, always bringing a new perspective to my life. Wish my friends could see how beautiful they really are <3

Went back for band today to visit my juniors and to play with the Senior High Band for a bit, not sure why but I was strangely overjoyed HAHA. I missed the joy of just playing with the band actually, minus everything else I had to worry about in the past. Missed how I’d always look forward to band practices in Sec 1 and 2, and being so happily exhausted at the end of band camps. Something about the band room makes me feel so at home and at peace, and I like seeing the familiar faces of the year 5s ^^

Sidenote: I wanna go to a wedding so badly hahaha can’t wait for Ms Fang’s at the end of the year!! Maybe I really should become a wedding planner after all. I have the perfect wedding song for all my future clients already man, woohoo no it is not the song below

This has been all I’ve been playing on the guitar lately. Too in love with this pair

+ More things to be said, more to be typed and plenty of thoughts to be sorted out but my ASEAN SBS awaits. Wishing everyone well

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