My favourite sounds

1. Hearty and contagious laughter

2. Raindrops on my umbrella

3. Waves crashing onto shore

4. The G chord on the guitar

Appreciating the little things in life :) Listening to oldies while doing my GP homework & feeling hopeful once again. I hope this feeling stays. Oh & I found an exercise buddy today: Kayleigh Xu Ruo Wei!!! (L) Gonna jog twice a week lol are we crazy or what?! So thankful for her though I don’t think anyone else will jog with me hahahaha

+ General mood of gratitude this week despite unpleasant occurrences, the angels around me have a huge part to play of course. There are just some people whom I know I want to keep in my life forever, or as long as its possible :’)
+ Grades are far from satisfactory but I improved in every single subject since the March CTs, thank You so much. Just need to keep looking forward from here.
+ A week of thinking and it has gotten me nowhere. Putting it at the back of my mind for now


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