Omg gross can’t believe how whiny I’ve become. Cannot even stand myself nowadays so cranky and moody and ill-disciplined and all things bad. Parents are leaving town for a while, while I’m stuck here. Brother is only coming back at the end of the week. Why does June feel like such a bleak month sigh. The worst thing that could ever happen is probably me failing everything even after studying. I think I’m at like the lowest point of my life or something this is really terrible I’m so irritable and nothing is going right and I think I’ve become slightly anti-social lately looooool I actually quite enjoyed studying for promos last year but now.. PLEASE. Never. So sick of studying I’ve been studying almost every day of the June holidays I DON’T WANT I WANT TO CYCLE I WANT TO GO TO THE BEACH I WANT TO SHOP I WANT TO – oh look I’m being whiny again how do I even have friends.

Tomorrow will be kinder. No day will be as kind as the 22nd of November – the day of my liberation. 158 days to go, we’re almost there! Not.


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