Sunkissed skin and handle bars

1. What’s best for the situation is almost never how I want things to go. I’ll have to let go eventually, and I will not be selfish. I can’t be. It just hurts when I think about it sometimes, and I just feel so controlled and trapped by my own emotions. When was the last time I felt free anyway?

2. Just wanted to say that the more I study the more distant I feel from some people. Grades aren’t everything, but we are being taught to believe so. I hate it, I truly do.

Want to tell you to stop drowning yourself in material wants and take care of yourself spiritually.
Want to tell you to stop isolating yourself and then blaming yourself for everything.
Want to tell you that I’m beginning to trust you.

But how?

3. Read a few wordpress blogs and I am drawn to people who write without the fear of being judged. It doesn’t have to be perfectly grammatically correct. It just has to come straight from the heart. Just honest and true writing. Maybe it’s just the pretenses and walls that everyone puts up in this day and age that make me all the more attracted to people who are open about their feelings. Maybe that’s why I want a pen pal. Someone to share everything with. Someone who’s not a part of my life, but knows every part of my life.

4. I need the beach. I need the water I need to swim I need

5. Falling in love with Sara Bareilles and I absolutely adore her voice please watch thissssss & listen to her whole album. You won’t regret it.

So hauntingly beautiful. My new lullaby :)

6. God’s greatest gifts to mankind – the ability to love, to write, and to make music. I want to find a musical soulmate like how Carissa Rae has Michael Alvarado and how Joy Williams has John Paul White. Too bad I can’t sing. Hahahaha


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