Gather your strength and rise up

(Bluebird – Sara Bareilles)

It is upsetting to know that my whole band journey will be reduced to a piece of paper that shows all my ‘achievements’ in band. It says nothing – nothing at all about what we’ve gone through together as a squad and as a band. It saddens me when I see that our whole journey in SYF with the seniors would be reduced to ‘obtained a bronze award’. It’s all so superficial I cannot even. The whole sheet of paper really reflects so little on our growth as an individual and how much this CCA has really impacted my life. And it sucks when I have to write my job scope as a chairperson when I know I could’ve done so much more for the band. It’s like the more I force myself to say good things about myself, the lousier I feel. It’s not supposed to be like that, right? Oh wellll

“It was me, my thinking, the cancer of never letting go, is ignorance bliss, I don’t know, but it’s so painful to think, and tell me, what did thinking ever do for me, to what great place did thinking ever bring me? I think and think and think, I’ve thought myself out of happiness one million times, but never once into it.”

(Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close – Jonathan Safran Foer)

After doing so much thinking, I realised how much of a prideful person I really am. I value pride more than human relationships sometimes, which would definitely break God’s heart :( Sigh why am I so flawed. Ok I shall stop before I say too much.


On a much much happier note, I shall write about my weekend since I’m almost done with my SGC!

After GP & Lit CTs I had dinner with the 4L babes!! (Okay la plus one hunk HAHA yucksss just kidding Gerald) Ate at New York New York and took ages to decide on what to eat…… wasn’t satisfied with the small portion that I got for my dinner – the picture was so deceptive – but the company made it all better. I actually managed to fit into some Bob the Builder kiddy ride or something, and so did Gerald hahaha yup can’t believe I’m eighteen either. Got ourselves dessert at yoguru and went to our usual spot to talk and play human taboo. Jiamei is the best I love her man HAHAHA MICROSOFT WORD. Okay inside joke but it’s seriously damn funny all her actions are so epic. Laughed till I cried, these people really make my day <3

Finally went back to Touch Rugby trainings on Thursday! Decided to cut myself some slack and take a break from studying since I studied so much for GP and Lit. Had a great time sweating it out on the field (sounds gross I know sorry) & the muscle aches actually felt good because I didn’t exercise for so long. Though I’m far from losing any weight at all given how much I eat – but it was still awesome training with the girls again.

Made a spontaneous decision to head down to town with Amanda and Mish on Friday after school!! Ended up watching Men In Black 3 when we wanted to go bowling initially~ Was totally an impulsive and last-minute decision but no regrets because it wasn’t a bad movie at all! :) I actually really enjoyed it, sans the really gross alien parts ugh pukes. I even teared at one point in the movie lol…….. Shopped around and listened and shared funny stories with the both of them haha love their company :)

Shopped @ M&S with KH & G on Saturday, went grocery shopping with them and boy do they know about cooking. Was just tagging along like a kid with her parents HAHAHA while they discussed about the cooking utensils and whatnot. Really admire their knowledge man, am going to learn more after A Levels!!!!!! Got myself a black pepper chicken leg and everyone was amazed at how big the chicken was and how greedy I was lollll. Headed over to Tanah Merah to start cooking our Mac and Cheese and biscotti cookies. So many funny moments that I won’t bother describing because they are all ‘You had to be there’ moments. Watched Mr & Mrs Smith before heading down to the choir concert with KH and Roy! Gosh the choir was sooooo goood enjoyed the concert so much, especially the Wicked and Phantom performances!! Love the songs, my fav is For Good for Wicked definitely. I feel like stabbing myself for missing Wicked in Singapore. Omg what was I thinking really, that it’ll be here forever?!?!?! Sian who wants to go to Broadway with me to watch it. So proud of ruo her solo was rly good too!! Heehee

Sunday was the EDS concert!! Supposed to meet the gemma peeps at parkway at 11 but I ended up reaching at 12+ (yep what’s new) shopped for Sherly’s present and headed over to the concert!! I cried watching the Ice Cream Truck omgosh everyone was just so good. Really respect good actors it was the first time that I cried watching a production :’) Had dinner at Swensens after the concert! Time spent with them is always time well spent <3

Thank you for reading and taking an interest to my mundane life hahahaha might not be posting in a while though, you guys should see how packed my schedule is. Wonder why I even bothered writing all that (^) down, maybe it’s because it’s just about the only life I’d get for the whole of the holidays……………..

So sleepy okay going to bed now goodnight folks x

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