So I kept treading so carelessly, thin lines that splintered my ground

1. My body couldn’t have chosen a better time to fall sick, really. Though I knew the CIP camp would tire me out I was really kinda looking forward to it. Oh well guess my life’s destined to be boring forever……… At least my temperature’s back to normal. 

2. I care about our friendship but sometimes I just can’t understand you. No one knows how much I’ve tried but I guess I’m really done, for now.

3. Downloaded The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath on iBooks, can’t wait to read it! Her writing is so thought-provoking and it really strikes the heart. I love writers like that, and I’ve noticed that the more broken they are, the better their writing is. It’s so tragic but beautiful. I’ve been reading I Wrote This For You too, love the style of writing. Someday I want to be able to inspire, to be able to stir emotions in another person, to be able to move someone else to reflect about his/her emotions. I have such a long way to go. For now, writing in my journal will suffice, where no one can judge me. 

4. Managed to catch up with Weilin on Thursday, am glad there is finally time to catch up on each other’s lives. She is the best listener ever I love talking to her :’) We have to continue next week/ tomorrow! Love you even though you might not see this <3 Went to IKEA with Xinxin the other day too haha just like the old times. Glad that nothing has changed and we can still talk nonsense while sharing our lives with each other!

5. Thoughts about people leaving are the most painful ones. Hmmm

6. Thankful for every day that I get to see my loved ones. Note to self: Every day is a second chance, cherish it and don’t sweat the small stuff :) When you look back you’ll realise how you wasted your time dwelling on the unhappy things and you’ll regret it. Here’s to a great week ahead~


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