It’s been a while since I last posted, and it’s mainly because I’ve been super swamped with all the school work/ commitments, even though it’s only been the first week. Nevertheless it’s been a great first official week of school, and I’m so thankful for everyone who has been part of it!! 6C13 is such a lovely class to be in, they really brighten up my school days :’)

Shall not recount the details of what I did every single day, because there’s a journal for that now hehe. Thank you everyone who spent this weekend with me, sometimes I really wonder what I did to deserve all of you. Dinner + human taboo with JY KH Soph Viv Tingyu & Roy on Friday, Sakae + surprise + box (hahaha) with the Bridesmaids, clarinet reunion dinner, and tyf with my family really made my birthday weekend so special. Feeling the love~ Even though I really appreciate the gifts from everyone, it’s the time spent together that I really appreciate, so thank you all, so much :) So many things to thank God for, but I shall save it for my QT journal~

Funny how being eighteen doesn’t feel so different after all, hmmmm

Oh & I forgot to mention: I’M GOING TO SEE WONGFUPRODUCTIONS (OMG) ON THE 28TH OF FEB HAHAHA sorry just had to announce that. I’m so annoying sometimes. Lololol

P.S. This post is really to push the depressing post down, so I won’t seem so depressed every time you guys visit this page. Haha HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR EVERYONE <3


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