For Good

Who can say if I’ve been changed for the better
Because I knew you, I have been changed for good

(For Good – Wicked)

My god I really wanna catch Wicked. Can’t wait for my brother to get back & we can fix a date!!!!

Anyway I felt the sudden need to appreciate this bunch of people :”)

They’ve been with me on my journey in DHS since I first stepped in & every single one of them up there means so much to me. They’ve played such an important role in my life and being my emotional support that I really don’t know what I’d do without them. From when I was the chairperson of 2G and when I broke down so many times, they were always there to comfort me and to give me advice. & now when I face problems with leading the band they’re always there to give me advice and to encourage me. Whenever I’m down they understand and know just what to do hehe. They know my flaws and they still accept me  & they’re definitely people I’d wanna keep in my life for as long as possible, love you babes, so very much. You guys probably won’t see this, but I appreciate you guys more than you know :)

And other people who have giving me support, especially in the past year. Thank God for every one of you, I don’t know what I did to deserve you… :)

Vivienne came back today!!! I miss Sherly and Xinxin like crazy :'( + meeting the rest to COOK tomorrow. Hahahaha. I can’t wait already.


It’s not theirs to speculate, if it’s wrong

(Ours – Taylor Swift) Love that song!!!

Hmmmm felt like quite a long since I last posted so here I am :)

Omgosh I think I forgot what happened to me in this past week, gotta write it down maaaan.

Went over to Vivienne’s tht day to show Weilin her present and to pass her her souvenir before she left for Thailand! Haha lucky girl’s on a cruise right now. After that Weilin and I went to Tampines to STUDY but she had to tell me about the wedding the next day and I got so excited for her wearing a dress that I dragged her to my house to borrow one of mine. Made her try on some dresses hehe & after she took her pick we studied!!! Kind of. Okay no we ended up talking a lot. My relatives popped by so it was a bit weird but she joined us for yummy dinner @ HK Street!

Tze Char day at Isabel’s house! Met Terence first to go buy the food but HAHAHA the tze char stall was closed and we planned to have an early dinner. Went to Simpang Bedok instead and got 2 packets of Mee Pok + Duck (best duck ever no kidding) + Kueh Pieti + Popiah + Mee Siam. Mmm gluttons, we are. I love how they love food so much like mee wahaha. Had a really early dinner while watching Couples’ Retreat and watched My Sister’s Keeper while waiting for our food to digest. I cried even though it was my fifth time watching it, wth :( It’s really sad for me because I know how it feels like to lose a loved one I guess.. Played Kinect afterward and I sucked at Dance Central 2 omg humiliation hahahaha. Terence Poh is a natural wth he even beat Isabel. Played Raving Rabbids which was nonsensically funny lolol had so much fun with these two BFFs ^^ Oh (kind of) experienced a Lunar Eclipse that night! When we were walking to the bus stop a guy stopped us to tell us to look at the moon haha so nice of him :) Got home and couldn’t see a single thing though.


Monday: Went to study after lunch @ the Tampines library alone, felt super nice having some alone time. But sth rly funny happened & I couldn’t rly laugh cos I was alone and I would’ve looked crazy. Managed to complete the entire GP Package whooo proud of myself. Treated myself to some KOI and headed home!

Tuesday: Had band and celebrated Roy’s birthday after! Had a very interesting discussion during lunch hmmm. Laughed like mad @ Yvonne and whatnot. I love and miss the Year 6s so much!!! They brighten up my lyf. HAHAHA okay I’m just glad for them + poh and roy. Seems like the only thing that’s constant in band nowadays. Surprised him @ Frolick after lunch!!

Just now: Headed over to NLB to get some Math done in the morning, met Roy and Terence for Tian Tian Huo Guo (omg the food is delicious) & went to shop for Christmas gifts for my relatives with my mummy! Though my legs ached like MAAAAD afterward, wow my shopping stamina is like cui ttm.

Also I started journaling recently and I hope this becomes a regular thing. Writing really helps me sort my thoughts out so my brain won’t be like a shredded mass of thoughts, so I guess this is a healthy habit. I bring that book everywhere I go so it’s super convenient to jot down stuff I wanna remember or thoughts I need to be clear of. Haha if anyone sees it I’m so dead though

Picture credits to Poh~

Long day ahead tomorrow, and Friday (yay mugging w Kayls + Mish hehehe cannot wait)!
December is ending but I’m finally getting into the Christmas mood :):):)

It’s all the things we can’t explain that make us human

(Human – Civil Twilight)

Studying like a good girl @ my secret studying place hahaha, with internet access & awesome food ^^

Just wna thank God for:
1. Weilin for being such a great help for everything & listening to my rants! Love her like crazy
2. @lipsynching and @Isseybaby! Whatsapp convos w them always make me smile, love these 2 people so much
3. Awesome time spent w the parents in Bali~
4. Ruo for being such an awesome & hilarious confidante hehe <3

Will put up the Bali pictures by this weekend hopefully & pen down some stuff about the trip. Can’t wait to show yall Momon hahaha he’s a cutie

But I’m finding it harder and harder to respect people who aren’t even respecting their own job. Obligation is not an excuse for not putting effort into doing what you have to. I can’t even…. God please train my patience & make me emerge a stronger person dealing with such people lolol

P.S. Can’t explain this feeling. I need to stop thinking about it and regretting what I did.

Ours To Keep

How does circumstance
Seem to cost us every chance
At living out the truth in our hearts

It seems the best laid plans
Fall just outside our hands
And leave us broken down and far apart

But if faith plays a role
I know someday I’ll hold you in my arms forevermore

So let’s love like it’s ours to keep
Love like we’ve always dreamed
And maybe this time
The fates will be kind to us
So let’s love like it’s ours to keep

I wish there was a way
That we could somehow stay
In this perfect moment in time

I’d give up everything
‘Cause this is all I dream about
Whenever I’m alone inside my mind

I pray faith plays a role
So that someday I’ll hold you in my arms forevermore

So let’s love like it’s ours to keep
Love like we’ve always dreamed
And maybe this time
The fates will be kind to us
So let’s love like it’s ours to keep

So let’s love like it’s ours to keep
Love like we’ve always dreamed
And maybe this time
The fates will be kind to us
So let’s love like it’s ours to keep

(Ours To Keep – Kina Grannis)

Lulls me to sleep every night :)

So I just got back from Bali, will be posting pictures quite soon hopefully. Haha unfortunately it was that time of the month so I couldn’t do all the water activities sigh. But I got to shop a lot, visited Kuta Beach and my favourite was definitely the elephant ride. Those animals are so adorable and beautiful at the same time, got to sit on a 16 year old elephant trololol I’m older than the elephant~ An elephant pooing and peeing is just about the funniest thing I’ve ever seen, no kidding HAHA should have taken a video. Hmmm really pleasant trip on the whole, will definitely go back there to try like snorkelling and other water activities, with my bro next time!

Getting more and more uncomfortable with the idea of.. Sigh idk what to do

knaksjdnasdka it’s 2am shall go to bed