My head is in a cloud of rain and the world it seems so far away

And I’m just waiting to fall in droplets

(Droplets – Colbie Callait & Jason Reeves)

^ On repeat for the whole day :)

Lol so apparently I’m not going to Taiwan anymore because we can only go for such a short period of time so we’re going Bali instead?? So last minute but it’s spontaneous hahaha. Service yesterday was really awesome! Loveeee the story of Job. The God on the mountain is still God in the valley, and it’s so much harder to trust God when things aren’t going well, but at the end of the day He still loves us ^^ Feeling so blessed by the Lord :) After church we headed to town to shop for winter clothing for my brother, stood a Winter Time for like 2 hours my legs were aching like mad lol. How on earth do people stand for an entire day?! Got our gongcha then headed home for some fish head curry, kangkong, chicken wings and black pepper beef yummerz.

Went to the YCK Concert with Poh and Roy the other day, had awesome steak for dinnerrrr but we had no time to savour it properly :/ Got some candy canes for the YCK peeps before dinner, and I finally tried Happy Lemon thanks to Terence loll drank some yakult thing but it was SUPER GOOD haha so gna get tht next time. Concert and company was good, thankful for these 2 :) Weird how we always end up talking about our future of some sorts when we’re tgt haha

Movie outing with 4L that day, haha missed those girls so much :’) We caught You’re the Apple of My Eye and it was rly very weird and gross and some parts they could’ve cut those parts out and the movie would be even better haha. Anyway the male lead is rly cute hehe, and the ending was super sad it was the first time I cried after the movie and not during the movie. Because the ending was so bittersweet :( Shopped arnd vivo with them for a while and camwhored for a bit then went back to watch my HK Dramas with my mum trololol~

Attempted to cook black pepper spaghetti with Weilin the other day!! I think we have great potential HAHAHA. Went shopping @ some supermarket near her house first, and we threw in random ingredients like mushroom, cocktail sausages and salmon because there was no seafood. Bought my wang zai niu nai woooo. We were starving so we steamed har gao for ourselves first hehe. IT WAS AWESOME. Her chilli is damn awesome. Cooked everything step by step and yessss, we did not burn down the kitchen or the whole HDB flat. Heh. Then went to meet Nicholas to study and Viv joined us later! I love H1 Math ^^ & oh my mum said the spaghetti was very nice hahaha maybe she’s just being my mum :’)

++ I’ve been eating so much lately that I think my face has transformed into a pau…… sigh but how can I resist food. & I am like, the epitome of laziness srsly can’t get my butt to move to exercise.

Gonna visit Viv (miss her loads :() @ work later with Weilin then head down to Resonate dinner~


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