My bones are shifting in my skin, and you my love are gone

– The Chain, Ingrid Michaelson

I wanna watch New Girl!!! Love Zooey Deschanel hehe

Had Ada’s birthday celebration on the 15th after band, was a success thanks to the help of Alvin hahaha. Photos are with ger! Surprised her @ the first station, made them awkward @ the 2nd and I think everyone enjoyed singing at the third station hehe. Kind of screwed up on the guitar though, fail max lolol. Headed to macs to chill for a bit and we (me Xinxin Weilin Sherly Geraldine Nicholas and Jonathan) headed to Viv’s house to slack some more~ Played Wii, Mahjong while some of them did I&R. Omg I love Mahjong!! Love spending time with these girls, we can just talk about anything under the sun and they always make me laugh & feel so comfortable arnd them :) Got so carried away with talking and playing that we went home at 10+ :S

Played badminton ytd (woo exercise) haha & had band today!! Squad lunch @ pasta mania where I stuffed myself silly, and ate yoguru in record timing I swear I had a brain-freeze. Talked and lazed around with the band peeps hehe love my squad :’) Came home and chanced upon an amazing singer on youtube and have been listening to her songs all day, ahhhh I’m in love with her voice and the lyrics of her songs!!

Resonate workshop tmr!! Hope the kids will enjoy it :)


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