Great day spent with lovely people :)

Had band, went for Marche with Terence and Roy, met Ger and Ruo to shop around and chill for a bit, had my brother’s advanced birthday dinner with my family!! I am beyond exhausted right now though…. Slept so little last night, need to get enough sleep for tmr so i shall turn in soon!! Svc tmr, finally hahaha. Have been spending sooooo much on food I feel damn guilty…. I think I rly shld work man at least I’ll feel better.

Feel like things are finally falling back into place, after all the worrying and whatnot, somehow I know that it’ll be fine @ the end of the day. Somewhat excited for next week hehe~ PW is ending officially and many of my friends will be free! Time to catch up ^^

Watched In Time last week, it was a rly cool show cos the concept was very intriguing to me hahaha. It’s also very unimaginable, considering how the people living in the ghettos might just die any minute when their time is literally up o: Ok rly cannot take it already I can’t even recall what I did last week. Oh wait PW. Haha IT”S OVER!!! BYEBYE PROJECT REINTEGRAID!!!

Not thinking straight already so goodnight hahaha


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