September 24

Hi world I think I’m in love with Victor Kim from Quest Crew ehehehe he’s so cute!! And he sings well and his dancing makes me go :o :o :o :o

Okay so I’m halfway through exams and I really can’t wait for all of this to be over!!! Haha I haven’t been going out to enjoy myself in a long long time.. Can’t wait for post-promos hehe gna have a blast, and I can return to church zomg yessss  ^^ Lots of things to settle for band/ resonate/ PW and whatnot too! Thinking about it makes me happy though hehe.

Gonna get down to writing some letters after promos, people need to know how much they’re loved and needed!! I don’t think my friends know how beautiful they are, every single one of them :)

Haha this draft was dated September 24 and I never got down to finish it. Anyway, Victor Kim is the point ehehe


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