A thankful heart


Read my previous livejournal (personellement) posts while taking a break from Top Girls just now. Realised how much I’ve changed – my values, my perceptions, my definition of a good day, etc. Really wanna thank God for bringing me here today, for giving me so many opportunities to grow in Him, to grow in maturity and to be a stronger person :) My definition of relationships, life, love has changed so much because of Him, and I have never realised it because I probably never stopped to look back on how I was in the past, I just focused on all the lost friendships and the freedom that I thought I used to have.

But looking back now, all I can say is that I’m thankful for everyone that has stayed by my side for these past few years, everyone who has watched me grow and everyone who has influenced me to be who I am today. Thank you Jesus for letting me know you :-) I’m actually really contented with my current life and can’t wait to grow more in Christ this year!! Next obstacle I’ll be facing is the promotional exams, go meeeeeee and everyone else who’s going through exams too!! You can do it :)

Had a really long h2h talk with the best friend yesterday again, there are really few people whom I can talk so openly to, and few who really listen to what I’m saying. Grateful for you :)

Extremely excited about post-promos, the more I think about it the happier I get and the more motivated I am to study!!!


Different day, different struggles, same God

Times like this I realise how truly imperfect I am, how susceptible I am to losing my temper or get irritated in front of family members, how easily I give in to temptation to procrastinate. Part of me really wants to escape this and give up, but a bigger part of me wants to stay and fight this battle with God by my side. Just need to learn to stop relying on myself and put full trust in Him.

Hakuna Matata~

Watched the Lion King today and omg it was sooooooo good I loved everything about it the sets the actors especially the music!! Brought me back to my childhood hahaha I love Disney so much. Was definitely worth the money, we even bought souvenirs hehe. Was really good family time spent too, cos me and my brother are just mugging all the time at home hahaha. They were so amused how I could whistle without opening my mouth HAHA and my dad passed by koi and said gong-fu cha like omg?? I love my family so much :’)

Been studying at the NLB almost everyday, have been quite productive but not productive enough.. although the company’s great haha I laugh so much everyday despite being stressed from all the studying. Have been enjoy the break because I get to plan my own time, but school is resuming and the stress will start to set in soon.. so I guess it’s really full steam ahead already.

I’m so thankful for everyone around me really, can’t wait to catch up with the people I haven’t been spending time with aft promos!!

P.S. I think I run away whenever something good happens to me. I’m weird.

What a short post omgosh. I’m really tired shall turn in soon :)