Can I sail through the changing ocean tides

“You know how the time flies
Only yesterday was the time of our lives
We were born and raised in a summer haze, bound by the surprise of our glory days.”
– Someone Like You (Adele)

Listening to covers while doing econs essays, so therapeutic and gets my mind off things. Feeling the motivation to change myself for the better, circumstances call for it. Ingrid Michaelson is officially my fav singer btw, next to taylor swift and katy perry ^^ I love singers who write their own songs, you can really feel their emotions through what they’re singing and somehow it makes it more relatable.

Had a great weekend spent with the best people I could ever ask for, so thankful for the rest tht I got, hope tht I’m recharged enough and ready for the week ahead of me. Haven’t had a ball Friday in so long, just being able to laugh all my stress away and to sweat it all out really made me satisfied and happy. It’s these moments that make all the stress in school worth it hehe. Best friends came over yesterday, been a while since we were that crazy tgt, appreciate them soooooo much :) did so many weird and stupid things hahaha and relived my embarrassing days x_x I have so many embarrassing moments it’s terrible. Esp the spiderman one lololol. Whined about math, helped each other w math, took polaroids, ate like 3 little pigs, sang while strumming the guitar (lol I know how to play some songs okay) Thank God for an awesome day!!

I don’t rly like posting on wp cos it sends the weird thing to twitter which I can’t seem to turn off :o which means I have to go to twitter to delete it, so iwwitateeng. And after being away from twitter for a while I realised it’s like being your own paparazzi announcing every single thing you do to people you may not really know!! Haha it’s also quite amusing (or scary?) how someone posts something like ‘you ruined my day’ or ‘go eat shit’ (ok bad examples) then everyone thinks it’s them? And most of the time it isn’t. And when I post acronyms everyone reads it LOL. But in a sense you understand more about people, stuff they don’t tell you they may post on twitter haha. Oh well, shall cut down even after promos, hehe me is social media rebel~

Oh we watched a documentary about surrogacy on natgeo just now, kind of teared when I saw how heartbroken the surrogate mothers were when they had to give their babies away.. I guess I’ll never really understand the connection between the mother and the baby till I actly have one, and how people would do anything to get a baby, even if it means giving birth through another person. But watching it really made me realise how fortunate we are living on luxuries when some people in India and other 3rd world countries barely have a house to live in. It’s so impt to constantly remind ourselves how lucky we are because in an environment like Singapore it’s so easy to get caught up in the competitiveness and to be stuck in misery. So thank you God, and may we be a blessing to your children elsewhere every day of our lives :)

Gna get my capo today, excited!! Gna try my luck to persuade mum into getting us a ukelele too HAHA. Okay peace out yall. X

P.S. I know you’re not okay, but I can’t seem to help you with much can I? :(
P.P.S. Why am I so socially awkward HAHA

Sometimes I wonder who reads this space hahaha

(edit) Woah okay wth you act so sweet normally now I know how bad your temper is :o scary~

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