So Far So Great

Feeling rather hopeful/ optimistic about the future because I know I can always trust in God to answer my prayers at His own time :) Even though school nowadays really drains all my energy (no kidding I had lessons from 815 to 245 with only a half hour break today) and I’m finding it so hard to stay awake but I still hope and trust in the Lord ^^ And even though some things haven’t been going the way I want them to I know this is all a part of Your plan and I will keep my faith :’)

Went back for SL selection test ytd, happy for the juniors they’ll be going through a totally new phase in their band life!! I still rmb my year 3 indoor test hahaha omg wonder how I even passed it I wasn’t that good w scales :/ felt kind of bad cos I think we made some of them nervous.. Haha it felt entirely different on the other side of the room, made me feel kinda old too!! I miss the old band life when everything was just about not screwing up indoor tests and having fun playing the pieces hehe I wish band would be like that for everyone really, to purely enjoy and love the music we play, cos if that happens everyone will put in their best effort to make the piece sound good right? Oh maybe that’s just wishful thinking because band politics are ever-present. It exists everywhere la oh well. Part of learning in life I guess

Had a rather bad night last night, and had a long talk w my mum and I really hope that a few months down the road, hopefully by promos, she’ll see my effort and she’ll see my sincerity and she’ll see God’s hand in every aspect of my life. This was probably just a reminder that my faith needs to be taken to a new level. On my way to growing in you!!

Came home early today and spent some quality time w my bro watching YouTube videos hehe he’s always so busy now with uni stuff and I’m forever buried in work so thank God for that opportunity. He’ll be even busier when his uni actually starts though.

Oh & The song skyscraper gave me multiple goosebumps haha Demi Lovato has a really amazing voice!!! It’s kind of repetitive though lawlz. Oh downloaded a ton of Ingrid michaelson songs over the weekend and it is food for the soullll ^^ go listen to her if you haven’t! Okay maybe your music taste is different though I like this kinda music hehe.

Hmmm just thought abt sth I guess I may look v withdrawn to a lot of people cos I don’t talk much haha but I just like to think in my head and not out loud sometimes, I hate situations in which I say stuff for the sake of saying it when I haven’t given it proper thought because I end up sounding incredibly stupid haha. But if I don’t say it there’ll always be awkwardness ahahaha. The point is sometimes when I really do have the words to say I don’t say it, and I’ll regret like mad afterward :/

Was doing my QT ytd when I realised that I have been quite judgmental abt a certain someone and I feel damn bad, don’t think any person deserves to be judged by so many people and I don’t know you well anyway, so shall refrain from these negative thoughts. It’s gna be quite hard though given the person’s actions are really….. Must learn to accept people more so guilty of judging people sometimes.

Heard neighbors screaming from the other block while I was bathing, kind d reminded me how my and my bro used to fight and all hahaha we would scream at each other, slam doors, get hit and hit each other and all that. Looking back I think it’s damn funny la omg!!! Ever so thankful for our relationship now though, finally understand why people want older brothers so badly now!!

On a random note, I love hearing the oldies that I grew up with, listening to candle of the wind by Elton John now ^^

Ok the paragraphs are not really related, just a few of my random thoughts throughout the week. Have a great week ahead everybahdy~

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