My goofy PW grp sans tingyu! Haha they stayed over yesterday and this was our state of sanity at about 12am. Gosh mish’s faces are really damn fun to imitate. I shld upload the photos on facebook soon haha. So after school yesterday I went for the resonate meeting then had dinner with Vivienne and Weilin always always love time spent with them no matter what. Had pepper lunch, shopped around and went home to watch AHDI hah chionged home like an auntie ^^

KOI w banana + 55th anniversary today. Had dinner with some bandies aft tht hehe thankful for them laughed so much :) Must take the effort to know all my squadmates better soon. Sometimes I really wonder what my life would have been like if I quit band in year 4, and how I’d feel without band after I graduate in Year 6. I think I learn more life lessons at band than at school srsly, and I can’t imagine life without my clarinet and my section and so many other things. We really have limited time left in the band and there’s so much to change for the better. Looking forward to band camp + sojourn~

1. Why do you make my head hurt?
2. So glad that things are looking up for you, hope you stay this way
3. Always thankful for you
4. You really never shortchange us do you, giving my all to You!


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