I have so so much to handle right now. It’s only the first day of lessons in the new term and I already feel like everything’s crashing down on me.
1. I’m underperforming in my academics, evident from the CT results
2. I’m lacking in confidence in leading people, HUGE HUGE flaw & I hate myself for it sometimes. I really have so much to offer but I’m holding back because I’m too afraid of what people would think.
3. I’m juggling 2 CCAs and I really want to take up a third commitment tht would really be meaningful, but I have to do it within my means
4. My mum is not being very understanding through this all
5. All I really wanna do is stay away from school and read for my own pleasure everyday. I went to the library today and got immersed in the selection of non-fiction books that I saw, I really miss those times when I would go to the library every week to read and borrow books, when I had so much more time. Sigh

Times like this I would just like to run away from it all, but I know it’s not gonna help anything. Gonna uplift all my worries to God and pray for strength to carry me through this tough week with a joyful heart, even though it seems all too impossible right now I know He’ll work in me. Faith works wonders :)
“Never say ‘Hey God I have a big problem!’ but instead ‘Hey problem, I have a big God!'” So there.

P.S. Clearly you’re not real & you’re just a distraction.

Qt tymmmm

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