Smiling but we’re close to tears

I’ve really got to make this year count. There aren’t many opportunities like this, and there’s no more time. Really want to make a change. Finally got to talk to weilin today even though it was only for a short while so glad I could pour my heart out to her as usual best friends are there for a reason :’) And it feels exactly the same even though we haven’t talked in ages hehe. Can’t wait for CTs to be over so we can finally catch up properly!! One day’s simply not enough.

I know I tweeted this but I just wanna reiterate how much I love honest people! I mean, the truth may hurt sometimes but ultimately knowing the truth won’t harm you and the feeling of people talking behind your back is just horrible.. that’s why I’m so glad I have friends who are honest with me and tell me straight to my face when I’m doing something wrong I’ll actually be grateful not angry. Some people just care about being ‘nice’ and about their image and they just say all the nice things sometimes it gets really insincere and honestly I can get quite sick of it because you never know what they’re really thinking..

Oh & it felt great seeing everyone at school again today haha I miss everyone so much :) Math was um.. yknow, math. Next up lit and I really wanna pass this time!! Go natalie~ Strange how CTs don’t feel like much. I shld be worried, right??? o_o Dreading for lessons to start though, cos it’ll be promos soon wts. And there’s PW oh joy! -_-

Ok will do another post on sydney when I get the pics from @lipsynching and @piggzyukun :) + we have awesome vlogs too but the exciting things happen out of the vlog bummer. Oh did I mention DHSSB GOT THE GOLD + WE’RE THE CHAMPIONS OF AIMF SYDNEY???? Haha happiness hit us like a train on a track~ Saddest thing is we almost got to play at the Sydney Opera House, and it’s tonight, about right now.. SIGH. Ok back to lit :(


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