Sydney 22nd – 29th

Can’t wait :) Lots of memories to make with #dhssb!!

Had Isabel’s birthday buffet last week and the food was pretty good hehe although I could never eat as much as Isabel and Terence did, omg they’re crazy hahaha. I drank too much water I think cos I ate all the salty stuff so I felt damn bloated. Had a great time with them best friends forever LOL. Had to leave early though :( Can’t wait to give Isabel her card it’s so epic and gl I can cry.

Feeling really blessed in the midst of CT preparations and band stuff, God is so good to me and my family :) My brother just got into his double degree courses and appealed for this Lee Kong Chian scholarship and he just passed the interview despite being rejected once before, and it was such a timely thing because he almost missed the deadline phew. God really always has a time for everything. And it saved my family the tuition fees of like $100,000 in four years!! Even though I don’t think I’ll ever say it to his face (lol) I really really am very proud of him and he’s kind of like my role model hehehe. Family’s going for a celebratory dinner later lol. I love God + my family so much..

Seeing my brother and all his post-army and post-As activities really makes me look forward to the end of year 6 SO MUCH. Haha I wanna learn driving too! + go out everyday~

(edit:) Mugged with xinxin ytd, we got distracted quite easily but overall it was my most productive day of the holidays, haha pathetic much. Went jogging at my house w her hahahahaha it was damn funny we tried doing situps and gave up after… 5?? LOL then we jogged for arnd 10 mins HAHAHAHA best attempt at exercising ever. Glad we managed to talk and catch up though hehe love you babe. Met jolyn ytd too! Though it was only a short while I managed to share w her a lot of stuff tht has been troubling me thank God for her :)

Oh and handover is over.. I really want to do my best for this band and I hope that I can give my all! Don’t want to neglect any area of my commitments be it studies, band, touch rug, family, friends and most imptly His kingdom. I’m really touched by how the seniors have so much faith in me and I’m so sorry dhssb for the slipshod speech lol so embarrassing x_x Ok gotta be more confident and stop saying tht I can’t do stuff alr :/

Okay bye gotta do some revision before I get ready to head off. Take care :)

‘If I say it like I mean it, then maybe I’ll believe it like it’s true, I’m getting over you’ – The Click Five


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